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Frameless construction employs the same popular technique used in European cabinet manufacturing. Rather than attaching the face frame to the front of the cabinet, the box itself is the frame. This popular application is a preferred choice by designers and architects,

lacquer white


dark wood gray with gloss white

gloss white GOLA system

gloss plaka and gloss oak

Ithaki 3500pix.jpg


Brown Oak 1.jpg

brown oak (paros)

GT+FG 1.jpg

fabric grey

floating vanity (available for all color)

white/grey shaker new


gloss white & gloss grey

Mykonos+Santorini 3500pix.jpg

mykonos & santorini

Dove white+Dusk Grey.jpg

dove white/dusk grey

Athena 3500pix.jpg


Plaka+Tinos 3500pix.jpg

plaka & tinos

Matte Walnut.jpg

matte walnut

floating vanity (available for all color)

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