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In 2019 we continued to expand globally and created a new partnership with world-class manufacturer ItalDesign Group, an importer of the finest European craftsmanship available from complete kitchen and assemblies to mill work. ItalDesign excels in Multi-Family and Project Management knowledge and brings along new Italian products to our portfolio. We are proud of this new relationship and the European products we can begin to offer along with the services we have provided to our clients. Eucucina will satisfy the expectation; our customer's satisfaction and long-term relationships are our principal philosophies.


ItalDesign Group team's focus, and core business is centered around complex design parameters for multi-family, condo, residential retail, and hospitality projects. We interface and collaborate with developers, architects, and designers in an effort to maximize the deliverable effortlessly on price, on quality and on time. We know the business and have set out to deliver a new standard in the process of integrating innovative design and manufacturing in a marketplace that demands superior quality combined with a competitive cost advantage.

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